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Question:   How do I set up my mobile number for SingPass 2FA?
For SingPass SMS 2FA registration and activation, and updating of mobile number, please contact SingPass Helpdesk directly. You can email, call SingPass Helpdesk at 6643 0555, or visit any of the over 40 SingPass counters in-person to set up SMS 2FA or update mobile number.
Question:   How do I set up SingPass Mobile app?
You can set up SingPass Mobile app here
Question:   How do I register for OneKey Token for SingPass 2FA?
You can register for OneKey Token online at
Question:   How do I activate OneKey Token for SingPass 2FA?
Upon successfully registering for your OneKey Token, you will receive a PIN mailer password within seven working days. You should activate your OneKey Token online at Please have your PIN mailer password on hand. Once activated, your OneKey Token will be automatically linked with your SingPass account.
Question:   What should I do when I receive my replacement OneKey Token after revoking my old Token?
Please proceed to update your new OneKey Token serial number at or at any SingPass counter.
Question:   Where can I find more information about SingPass 2FA?
You can find more information at