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Client Testimonials
Cherilyn Tan
Founder and CEO, and
As a full-fledged Practice Management, Document Management and Accounting software, has integrated with Singpass to provide our clients with the security they need, whether it is to access their work or sign documents digitally.

Assurity has been an incredible partner, and the ease of use and confidence with which our clients access our services attest to the outstanding strength of Singpass products.
Cherilyn Tan
Ng Boon Tien
Director, SNEFdigital & Information Technology, SNEF
We are happy to partner with Assurity Trusted Solutions and GovTech to share the benefits of Singpass products with our members.

Since implementing Login with Singpass and Myinfo business, our members have commented on the ease and convenience with which they can now apply for grants to support their business growth.
Ng Boon Tien
Craig Ellis
CEO, MSIG Singapore
MSIG is proud to be among the first general insurers to offer Myinfo data retrieval to policyholders transacting online.

The successful implementation of both Myinfo and Singpass login have enhanced our customer journey, making it easier and more secure for our customers to transact with us.
We want to thank GovTech for partnering us in our digital journey to deliver innovations that are simpler, smarter and faster.
Craig Ellis
Founder and Director, Eduquest International Institute
One of the prerequisites to conduct SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)-approved courses online is to ensure the authenticity of the trainees. Login with Singpass has greatly helped to fulfil this requirement. Our trainees find it very helpful to log in to Eduquest Online Academy securely since they don't need to remember the password.

Using Myinfo during the course registration process also helps the candidates to fill in their mandatory personal details with a click of the button.
Our clients were very pleased to hear about our integration with Singpass as it significantly increased the security and convenience of our Web Application.

The Assurity team gave us great support throughout the integration period and made the process quick and simple.
Karrie Cheung
Director, Whyze Solutions Pte Ltd
Login with Singpass provides our users with a seamless user experience without compromising on the security.

Assurity provided adequate documentations to help our development team integrate Login with Singpass quickly. The implementation plan was also communicated to us clearly, allowing us to plan the necessary resources for each stage of the implementation.
Karrie Cheung
Dr Dana Elliott Srither
As a responsible, emerging telemedicine provider registered with the Ministry of Health, Rxemedium is constantly seeking to innovate and empower greater patient autonomy and a consistently high quality of care for our users. As part of these ongoing efforts, we feel that integration with Login with Singpass for our platform gives our users the assurance that Rxemedium is part of the trusted national digital ecosystem for the provision of essential services.
Dr Dana Elliott Srither
Vignesa Moorthy
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, ViewQwest Pte Ltd
We are proud to be the first Internet Service Provider in Singapore to incorporate Singpass Login in our digital platforms.

By relying on this system, ViewQwest provides customers the best of both worlds - convenience and security.
Vignesh Moorthy
Ankit Agarwal
Founder, PropYoda
PropYoda’s Virtual AGM platform capitalises on Singpass integration, enabling a fast, simple, secure and single-scan user validation, eliminating the time-consuming process of verifying each participant, and nullifying the risks of personal data exposure over the internet.

The integration has enabled PropYoda to be at the forefront of providing secured and authenticated participation..
KC Kwa
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, JustLogin
Forgetting passwords are the most frequently raised support tickets we have received.

There is nothing that can provide a better user experience than Identiface to address this challenge.

The employees of our customers can simply log in using their own face to apply for leave, view payslips, clock in and submit expenses.
Sharon Teo
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Inspire-Tech
We are pleased to have worked with Assurity Trusted Solutions and integrate Singpass with our Enterprise File Security Solution, EasiShare, to provide our clients secure access to their corporate documents.

The implementation of Singpass has been warmly welcomed by our customers who strive to strengthen their organisation’s security posture while providing their employees the convenience to access our platform to perform their daily file exchanges.
Cherie Wang
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Planner Bee
Our integration with Singpass was greatly welcomed by our users. The seamless onboarding provided by Myinfo is a huge plus to the user experience.

Implementation took less time than expected and was supported well by the team with their clear instructions and responsiveness.
Planner Bee
Jamie Tan
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Flying Cape Technologies
Flying Cape Technologies is proud to be part of the ecosystem where our customers can now log in and retrieve their information securely and conveniently through Singpass Login and Myinfo.

With this successful implementation, Flying Cape looks forward to elevating our user journey and building a more connected digital experience for our customers in Singapore.
Flying Cape Technologies
Suki Bajaj
Founder and Managing Director, QuickHR
It is a matter of great pride to be one of Singapore’s first full-suite HR software providers to incorporate Singpass Login into our digital platform, further ensuring a strong defence against increasing cybersecurity threats.

With Singpass integration, our clients can enjoy direct and quick access to their HR portal to manage payroll, leave, claims, attendance, appraisals, and more.
Chow Lin Yi
As the steward of people's legacies, it is critical to offer our partners and their clients the security and convenience enabled by Singpass.

Integrating with Singpass has always been one of our top priorities, and the great team from Assurity made it possible to shorten our integration timeline.