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As part of the national digital identity initiative, GovTech is working with industry partners to extend the use of Singpass Mobile to enable businesses to streamline their processes, and save users the hassle of remembering different login credentials.


These products support the PDPC's NRIC Advisory Guidelines for organisations to not indiscriminately collect, use or disclose NRIC numbers.

Verify your customers online

Simplify your online customer acquisition or login process. You no longer need to maintain a separate identification system, or attend to endless password reset requests! Watch this video to learn more:

Verify your customers in-person with SG-Verify

Save time on face-to-face customer acquisition. All it takes is one scan for you to verify the identity of your customers, whether they are at the store or a roadshow. Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and long processing time! Watch this video to learn more:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NDI?
With transactions being increasingly digitised, the Government is developing a National Digital Identity (NDI) platform, extending from the Singpass authentication system, to provide greater online convenience and transactional security for citizens and businesses. Planned to be operational in 2020, it will be a secure and trusted digital credential, as well as a platform for authentication, authorisation and consent.
How is Assurity involved in the development of NDI?
As the appointed Industry Engagement Office by GovTech, our role is to promote private sector participation in the adoption and use of the NDI platform. We invite businesses to co-create better services for their customers using the suite of NDI products.
What are the NDI products available for businesses to integrate?
For a start, business can leverage NDI to verify their customers online and in-person. Click here to learn more. More products will be added progressively.