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Singpass Partnership Enhanced Usability and Added Convenience to 94% of CDP account holdings
Singapore Exchange's (SGX) Central Depository (CDP) is a leading securities depository, settlement and clearing house in Asia. As a strategic priority, SGX launched a campaign in 2020 to introduce CDP services online to CDP account holders, thereby providing more convenience and accessibility. These online services can be accessed through SGX Investor Portal, a one-stop and mobile-friendly portal that houses CDP Internet and educational tools to support individual investors’ investment decisions.

Some of the services available online today:
  1. Individual account opening
  2. Access and download portfolio and account statements
  3. Submit corporate actions election instructions

With its partnership with Singpass, SGX has enabled 94% of its account holders to leverage a familiar trusted digital ID to first, onboard effortlessly; second, rely on trusted authentication; third, conveniently execute sensitive transactions like corporate action elections. Compared to the paper-based world, through digital ID, users experience ease-of-use while maintaining a robust security posture.

Singapore Exchange's (SGX) Central Depository (CDP) is a leading securities depository, settlement and clearing house in Asia

SGX Investor Portal

SGX Investor Portal’s Individual and Joint Account Login Page

Digital ID Suite

At the core is the seamless and secure digital account onboarding with authoritative source information through Singpass' Myinfo. Trust at the core enables immediate onboarding and removes the need for mailing paper documents to prove a user’s identity.
Secondly, ongoing convenience achieved through trusted authentication using Singpass Login, which allows users to securely access their accounts anytime, anywhere with a familiar interface that is used for other secure transactions like accessing Government services or logging in to bank accounts.
The third area is sensitive transactions readily executed through authoritative digital ID and electronic signatures. Through leveraging Singpass, CDP account holders are now able to conduct high security, sensitive transactions with ease online like corporate actions elections instructions through a strong partnership with the Government’s digital ID program. Consent is at the heart of each transaction. Users must consent to data sharing before a transaction is completed. This process enables the user to share authentic and authoritative information about themselves to SGX, thereby speeding up the transaction process with confidence and security.

Impact on 94% of users

The integration of digital identity made it possible for the portal to streamline its login and authentication processes, resulting in providing CDP account holder great convenience in three areas.

With secure authentication and account provisioning, SGX is building on a strong foundation to enable more online services while reducing carbon footprint.

This secure environment has enabled CDP account holders to access their past 24 months account statements online upon the receipt of email alerts. The reduction in use of paper account statements has contributed to the efforts of building a sustainable future.

You can access SGX Investor Portal at


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