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Question:   What are corporate tokens?
Corporate tokens refer to tokens that are registered under the company's Unique Entity Number (UEN).
Question:   How do Service Providers register for corporate tokens?
  • Appoint a corporate administrator for the registration
  • The appointed corporate administrator should visit the OneKey Customer Care Centre (CCC) with the following documents:
    • A letter of authorisation (LOA) from his/her company stating that he/she is the appointed corporate administrator;
    • An organisation profile printout from ACRA;
    • His/her original NRIC;
    • A photocopy of the authoriser's NRIC
  • The corporate administrator can inform the CCC officer if he/she would like to purchase additional devices. Each additional device costs SGD 15. The cash payment will be collected on the spot by our CCC officer who will issue the corporate administrator a receipt
  • As part of the registration process, the corporate administrator will be asked to acknowledge receipt of the device(s) and PIN Mailer(s) on a digital signature pad. He/She will receive a hardcopy printout of the acknowledgment
  • Our CCC officer will proceed to issue the device(s) and PIN Mailer(s) to the corporate administrator
  • Our CCC officer can assist the corporate administrator to activate and link the device(s) on the spot
Question:  What is the format of the authorisation letter?
The authorisation letter should be printed on official company letterhead and endorsed by a company director. The company director and corporate administrator's name as in NRIC and NRIC number should be printed on the letter.
Question:  How much does the Onekey Corporate token cost?
SGD 15 each.
Question:   Can I appoint a system administrator who is not from my company (e.g., outsourced IT vendor)?
Yes. Please speak to our Business Development team. They will advise you accordingly.
Question:   Can the corporate administrator add mobile numbers?
Yes. However, only one mobile number can be set as the "Primary" number.
Question:   How many mobile numbers can the corporate administrator add?
There is no limit to the number of mobile numbers the corporate administrator can add.
Question:   Is there a limit to the number of corporate tokens the corporate administrator can purchase?
There is no limit to the number of corporate tokens the corporate administrator can purchase.
Question:   Can I purchase more corporate tokens after initial purchase at Assurity?
Yes, you can do so at our Customer Care Centre. Each additional token costs SGD 15.
Question:   How many administrators can we appoint? Can we appoint more than one?
No, you can appoint only one corporate administrator per company.