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Question:   Can you tell me more about the "Call Authentication" service?
The "Call Authentication" service allows members to receive personal information using SingPass 2FA over the phone securely. This means the customer service executive will be able to provide personalised guidance to members based on their confidential information. This provides greater convenience to members, and reduces the need for them to visit the CPF Service Centres or write in to the board.
Question:   How do I update my mobile number for the "Call Authentication" service?
Log in to the NAF Portal and click on "Update Profile" followed by "View Mobile Details". Click "Add New" to update your new mobile number. Click "Delete" to delete your old mobile number. If you have problems logging in to the NAF portal, you can call the OneKey HelpDesk at 6566 3539 for assistance.
Question:   Can I update my mobile number at the SingPass website instead of the NAF portal?
SingPass SMS 2FA and CPF Board "Call Authentication" are different services. You have to update your mobile number at the NAF portal in order to continue using the CPF Board "Call Authentication" service