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There is an ever increasing availability of online services in key sectors like banking and finance, government and healthcare. The NAF safeguards against unauthorised access to sensitive information, such as bank account numbers and electronic health records by establishing the authenticity of transacting parties.

Assurity has been entrusted by the governing authorities to provide consumers and Service Providers the assurance and confidence at the nationwide level for online transactions.

Assurity offers a nationwide common platform for strong authentication that will:

bullet Enable consumers to enjoy the convenience of using a single authentication device to access multiple online services that require strong authentication;

bullet Enable businesses to enjoy cost savings when they leverage on NAF instead of implementing or operating their own strong authentication systems;

bullet Boost online trust and confidence, thus helping to entrench Singapore's status as a trusted infocomm hub; and

bullet Enhance protection for consumers and business owners against online identity theft during online transactions.

Assurity DiagramWe provide 2FA services that balance competing factors of security, convenience and cost effectiveness in a complementary and integrated way.

While the NAF adopts the approach of achieving cost effectiveness through a standardised set of 2FA services, Assurity appreciates that each SP has its unique requirements and unique competitive advantage in the market place. Assurity will support the SP’s unique business needs to retain and enhance their market position.



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The letter “a” in the logo represents Assurity. The circle is a symbol of protection. In the context of e-security, it is a ring fence to protect against external cyber attacks. The logo exudes a sense of safety and assurance – encapsulating the essence of the business of Assurity Trusted Solutions.




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Assurity Trusted Solutions Pte Ltd
PSA Building, 460 Alexandra Road, #28-04
Singapore 119963