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If your OneKey token is low in battery or out of battery, you may wish to use SMS 2FA if your service provider (e.g., SingPass) offers this option. If you are using OneKey token to access SingPass, we encourage you to download and use SingPass Mobile app for a more convenient login. This also allows you to avoid the S$15 token replacement fee. Visit for more information.

OneKey Registration

Question:   How do I register for OneKey?
You can register directly for the token here or via your NAF-enabled Online Service Provider. If you are a foreigner, you may also register for your token online, however, you would have to collect the token from our Customer Care Centre at Duo Galleria.
Question:   What documents do I need for on-site registration of OneKey?
Registration at the Customer Care Centre is based on the verification and matching of your NRIC or FIN identity card. As such, you will need to be at the Customer Care Centre and have these documents with you at the point of registration.
Question:   If I choose to only do the online registration for my token through a participating service provider I have an account with, do I have to register separately with all my other Online Service Providers too to link my accounts?
No, you only need to register for your token once with your preferred service provider. Once your token is activated, you can proceed to seamlessly link with your other service providers at the same time.
Question:   How do I check my OneKey registration status?
You can visit the NAF portal at and click on "Check Registration Status".
Question:   What if I do not receive my token after 3 working days following successful registration?
Please call our Customer Care Hotline at (65) 65663539 (OKONEKEY) to report the non-delivery so that arrangements can be made for you to receive a replacement token.
Question:   What can cause an unsuccessful registration?
An unsuccessful registration could be the result of an address mismatch, for example. You may have to visit our Customer Care Centre with your NRIC if your online registration is not successful.
Question:  How do I collect my OneKey after successful registration?
Users who have registered successfully online will receive the token and PIN mailer by mail at their official local address as per their NRIC within three working days and five working days respectively. Users who register at Customer Care Centre will be issued the token directly on the same day over the counter. Users who register through their Online Service Provider may either collect the device from their Online Service Provider (please check with your SP) or receive it through the mail.
Question:   I'm serving National Service and I can't remember my NRIC's date of issue. Can I still register for OneKey?
You will need to key in your NRIC's date of issue as part of the online registration process. If you do not have access to your NRIC to find out its date of issue, you may wish to approach your Chief Clerk for the information. Alternatively, you can visit our Customer Care Centre to register for your token using your 11B. If you are about to enlist, remember to make a photocopy of your NRIC (front and back) before you exchange it for your 11B.

OneKey Activation

Question:   How do I activate my OneKey received through the mail?
Answer: If you have registered successfully online for your token, you will receive your token through the mail within three working days and your activation PIN mailer separately within five working days. Together with your token and activation password, you need to log into and click the " the "Activate Your OneKey" button. Follow the step-by-step activation process to complete your activation.
Question:   What should I do if I lose my PIN mailer?
Answer: You can visit our Customer Care Centre to obtain a replacement PIN mailer on the spot or you can call our HelpDesk at (65) 65663539 (OKONEKEY) to request for a new activation password. You will receive the new PIN mailer within five working days.
Question:   What happens if I enter the wrong PIN mailer password?
Answer: You have up to three tries before your PIN mailer password is locked, after which you can visit our Customer Care Centre to obtain a replacement PIN mailer on the spot or you can call our OneKey Customer Care Hotline at (65) 65663539 to request for a new activation password. You will receive the new PIN mailer within five working days.
Question:   How do I link up all my other Online Service Providers using just OneKey?
Once you have successfully activated your token, you may link your accounts through the SP links found on the Assurity website.

Troubleshooting OneKey

Question:   I keep pressing the buttons but my token is not displaying any numbers. What shall I do?
Answer: If your token does not show any display on the screen after you've pressed the buttons, you would need to bring it down to our Customer Care Centre to get a replacement token. The replacement token costs $15 after the one-year warranty period.
Question:   When I try to log into my SP account with my token-generated OTP, I keep getting error and failed login messages? What is wrong and what should I do?
Answer: The most common reason for such failure is that the clock in your device is probably out of sync with the system clock and needs to be resynchronised. The quickest solution to rectify this problem is to log in to using your SMS OTP and follow the steps to re-synchronise your OneKey.

Suspending, Deactivating and Replacing Lost OneKey

Question:   Can I suspend my OneKey for a period of time?
Answer: Yes, you may suspend your token for a period of time by logging in to, and have it reactivated again when you wish to.
Question:   Can I deactivate my OneKey?
Answer: Yes, you can deactivate it temporarily (to 'suspend' your device) or request for it to be revoked permanently (to 'revoke' your token). Please be reminded that your token may only be reactivated again if you 'suspend' it. If you request to 'revoke' your token, you will have to purchase another replacement token.
Question:   What do I do if I have misplaced or lost my token?
Answer: If you’ve lost your token, please contact our HelpDesk at (65) 65663539 (OKONEKEY) or log in to to suspend* your device using your SMS OTP (One Time Password).
Question:   My token is low in/out of battery. How can I replace it?
Answer: You can log in to to purchase a new token or visit our Customer Care Centre to purchase a replacement token for $15 if the token is out of warranty.